Wednesday, 13 February 2013

World Builder

by Bruce Bryant

Can human emotion be manipulated by digital simulation?

Humans are identified to be the most interesting creature on earth to study. Their behavior and thoughts can change more than 60 times a minute. With such speedy thought travelling what humans can do is quite unknown even with such technologically developed times. However, similar to their (humans) capabilities they do have weaknesses. Even though they are quite capable of inventing and doing things, when it comes to feelings they could be seen as the weakest...

In the movie, it is all about nature, natural setting and how much human like to be close to the nature. And also, it shows how humans connect with different things.

Do emotions get manipulated with technological simulations,,,is a difficult question to answer, as I would think the answer is yes and no. Our emotions do get manipulated due to simulations but only until we get to know that it is a simulation. We always want to be close to the real thing/person more than any other means!

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