Saturday, 9 February 2013

Social Media

Are you really into Social Media?

Like the idea of saying "This video should begin at minute 7:00 (if it doesn't, start at 7:00 yourself)" by edcMOOCs. Nice way to keep the earning interesting.

Annalee Newitz in her speech describes several stories similar to science fiction that tells about potential future through social media. It is quite interesting to listening to the concepts Hive mind, and Proverbial privacy apocalypse. Is nt it interesting to think how t=our own brain crash through a virus? Just like the computer crashes through a virus. But when you think of it, we actually have few signs of this happening already? There are many youngsters who end up in mental trauma or dysfunctional mental conditions through addicted computer games or videos.

Our future options with technology:
This is a very in depth area of study. Now that many futuristic technological advancements have been revealed, the future seems to be quite in-predictable. If the technology is used for valuable tasks it will provide us with great efficiencies and support to live a better life. At the same time if it is used for controlling purposes it will lead to many problems such as privacy issues and especially resistance from the users. 

Our preoccupations and assumptions:
With the advancements. some of our assumptions could be justified. How privacy will be violated and how it will be used to monitor different actions could be a major issue int he future.
May of our occupational environments would change and expectations will be quite different to what we have now.

In one hand you could argue that this will lead to utopia and the other could argue that this is dystopia. It will depend on how it is viewed. If there is someone who would think that streamlining and making the world a better place through these development it would be considered to be one compared to the group who thinks it is not the best option!

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