Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Toyota GT86

The dystopic vision in this video shows how people have changed over time.
The simulation shows how people would move towards the authentic realistic and personal type of items. This means our students will also look for authentic learning materials, resources, activities and even projects to work on. Will they also be looking that type of trainers and teachers who can provide authentic, real-life examples and humans (rather than machines) to learn?

Automated and machine dependency will provide efficiency while authenticity taking a another turn in the education sector!

I believe authenticity and human interaction are important factors that we have not forgotten in the education sector, and with this example it verifies that in the future also such attributes will be valued.

Will technology hinder these attributes in the education sector? My guess is not, what ever said and done, after all the learners demand for real humans to teach them, things that are related to them directly.

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