About me

My Goal
My goal as the Senior Learning Technologist an Educator is to inspire, guide, and support learners (students and teachers) and undertake challenging tasks. I am very passionate about education, technology for education and providing education for all.

Professional Life

My career goal is to research and develop innovative methods to enhance learner’s knowledge while making the learning experience to be enjoyable, and engaging. I enjoy teaching students and educators how to use information and communication technologies to learn and be knowledgeable with their day to day activities, be competent person in the work place and to use technology enjoy personal life.

The latest technological advancements have facilitated large number of people to have access to computers, internet and other devices enabling them to access information rich resources, capacity to network with others around the world, and share knowledge and skills. By teaching educators information and communication technology skills and connecting them with the large assortment of open educational resources and technology tools, I hope to inspire individuals to take teaching and learning to the next level by engaging learners and providing and good learning experience, while continue to seek knowledge outside of the classroom.

I aim to foster a passion for lifelong learning and to provide access to resources and technologies to build a sustainable world. This will also enhance learning experiences and allow people to grow, reach their own goals and live the life that they will cherish.

My Learning Journey

Technology is changing teaching and learning. With the latest technological advancements, many underprivileged are  gaining access to great resources. It also has changed the whole teaching and learning paradigm making teaching and learning very exciting. I am very passionate about the positive effects that technology has brought into today’s universities and schools. 

My doctoral research investigated how management of e-learning resource development and delivery is carried out. These research findings have opened a new world in my career, facilitating e-learning resource development and delivery. I completed my Doctor of Information Technology at Charles Sturt University in Australia. I have a Masters Degree in Business Administration in Technology Management that I completed at La Trobe University in Australia.

My Bachelors Degree was in Computer Science that I completed at University of Colombo Sri Lanka. I have ah an in depth understanding of technological advancements, application and tools. With more than eighteen years of teaching in the Information Technology and Business fields, and research I have a good knowledge of various computer programs that educators can use to create content for students, and programs that students can use to create projects, gain information, and communicate with other students and teachers.  My field experience using technology is diverse. Currently I work as an Educational Technology Specialist at Swinburne University. I train academics how to integrate technology into their courses.

I worked as a senior lecturer at Informatics Institute of Technology, while implementing large e-learning projects, and undertaking research and development projects. I also worked with students to implementing research and real world problem solving projects.

Teaching responsibilities at Holmesglen TAFE was diverse from certificate IV to undergraduate level, coordinating e-learning projects, coordinating assessment centre and managing professional development projects. I was teaching Statistics, Business modelling, Knowledge management, Action research, Mathematics, Financial services, System Analysis, Databases, and of course Programming my favourite.

While at Holmesglen I worked as a lecturer at MIT delivering University of Ballarat courses. I was lecturing Business and IT subjects at BSc. Level. I have been tutoring for many years, assisting learners who need additional support.

During my spare time I have been translating Mathematics lessons into Sinhala, this started as a service with an intention being a translator to Khan Academy. I also create simple learning lessons as YouTube uploads for people to learn new concepts. I review journal and conference papers, and assists different levels of research projects. 

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