Saturday, 2 February 2013

edcmooc week 1 readings

Bendito Machine:

This is the first resource that I am watching for week 1 of edc mooc. This video is reminding me of the good old days when we first got our TV, good old days. But at that time people used to sit and watch TV as if it was the greatest thing that was around. Many people stayed up in the night to watch movies and stopped going to the cinemas etc. All in all the new device was considered the best item on earth that gave the best times for young and old. However, as time went pass, there were so many critiques about the TV and how it impact childhood out door play and suitability of the programs etc.

People started to weigh the pro and cons and think before they let their kids watch certain telecasts on TV and they also restricted the time allocated as the younger generation became obese and un healthy.

It nt it the same thing that has happened with many other tools( our new toys)? Computers. Laptops, phones and now ipads and iphones, They all bring great innovation into our society. At the same time people would know how to and when to use these devices to make the best use of them,

This great short animation, well represent how people embrace and value these new tools forgetting many other important factors, Also, how un sustainable we could be by just throwing fully functional devices just to get few more features in a new device.

These are quite different aspects of the same coin, should you not gain the benefits of the new tools...or should you be just switching to the latest model just to get the new feature?


  1. It is human nature to want to improve, find 'bigger and better', keep up with the latest. Like you suggested with the introduction of TV it takes time for us to explore, digest, evaluate and individually decide how this technology best meets our needs.

    1. Very true, similar to the benefits, technology sometimes bring negative aspects, but we need to know how use them to maximise our benefits!

      Thanks for stopping by!

  2. The article makes me think about new ways of learning, changes in attitude, in relation to new technologies. They all bring great innovation to society while that old problems remain current days

  3. Quite agree, new ways of thinking... Innovations can be used to enhance our daily activities and enjoy life make the world more peaceful one for humans!

    Thanks for stopping by.