Saturday, 23 February 2013

Robbie #edcmooc


This is a typical example of the concept that we are discussing with digital cultures. Even though Robbie is a Robot (converted) it is talking about the things that he is missing. All the missing things are connections to people on earth, how sad it is that is had to leave earth, about the feelings of parting and missing Cathies music playing, missing other fellow members conversations and connectedness to them. Robbie is specifying the distance, time and how long it has been away, out of all it is more concerned about interaction that it is missing.

The interesting fact about the video is that how powerful you can be in terms of energy, battery power, ability to travel etc, finally they all boils down to feelings, how important is it to be connected, be part of a society, have someone to share thoughts, ideas, and feelings.
With an implanted brain which is expected to be artificial, if Robbie is missing connectedness, how much would we humans miss this if we are sent out of space for years to be all lone?

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