Wednesday, 17 April 2013

"The hole in the wall: self organising systems in education" - Sugata Mitra at ALT-

This is really an interesting video where he speaks about the research that he started with "the hole in the wall"

The idea of learning happens when there is a need...which raises the question of how many things are needed for our students. Sometimes the students who come to study Design, Arts are taken through subjects like Mathematics, Language etc and then we find that they are not interested in the subject...which is explained by his research.

He also shows that how something like language can be self taught if there is a need to learn it.
It is an amazing project how he assist people with different resources. Using ex-teachers, grandmas and many other resources.

He also, teaches us how to be innovative and make things work with less resources, just by taking things as it comes but innovate and motivate. 

Self organising streams
Not to replace teachers but to train them to raise the right question

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