Sunday, 22 September 2013

All about Open Badges

A great article about open badges:

it explains what badges are, how to use them who uses them and how we can start creating and using them. Great staring point for Open Badges with Mozilla.

Mozilla Backpack information can be found at
with credly that is a badge creation site.

The badge design/creation requires more thinking and planning: Carla shared the spread sheet with the steps:
Badge system design worksheet
Please make a copy of this document and then jump right in!

her ideas:
Questions to ask when building your badge system
  • impact / change
    • what are the proposed or imagined social, professional, or personal impacts of the badge system 
    • how will it change or alter individual or group trajectories?
  • commitment
    • what's the badge system owner's commitment to long term implementation
    •  is it fully funded, does it have enough financial support to remain viable, is the team strong enough to carry it through? where are the potential trouble spots?
  • connectivity / correlation with other existing systems 
    • will this create connective tissue within the ecosystem or create a new branch of the ecosystem that others can build upon?
  • flexibility of stakeholders / system to taking new approaches 
    • can we try something new or are we recreating existing power structures?

Badge Camp:

Make Waves:


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